About Us

"Dream big. Start small. But most of all...start." -Simos Sinek

I swear I can kill plants just by looking at them! I care too much and drown them in water or forget to water them at all! Despite my lack of (botanical) maternal instincts, I actually love plants! I love how greenery refreshes and invigorates areas of your home, creating layers of coziness through their shape, colour, texture and scale. However, since I was born without green fingers, I needed to find an easier solution to our wilting relationship.

About 5 years ago, I invested in a few faux stems. I played about with design and gradually added more and more to the mix -eventually my very first faux floral statement piece was born!

Soon afterwards, I started adding more floral colour pops and greenery into my pad. I embraced the seasons by swapping up the foliage from floral and light to woody and smoky, adding an evolving liveliness to my previously neglected shelves, mantles and tables.

Friends would come round and always be surprised that my displays weren’t actually real. One day, someone suggested that I should turn my passion into a career, so I decided to break into my savings, buy a Website for Dummies book and Are You Fleur Real? was born.

Today’s faux flowers are in a whole new league of authenticity - so if you don’t have green fingers, go faux! Check out my new collection and get tips on how to style up your pad with floral accessories and add a breath of fresh air to your interiors.


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